A vineyard that climbs on the back of a hill until it paces into the sky is a familiar sight. Yet the curtains of the simple and deep rows seem a magical door. Under the vines the red soil is tilled; the leaves hide treasures and above the leaves lies the sky.

Cesare Pavese

Politi Farm

Closely linked to the territory, it reflects, even in the techniques of conduction and winemaking, the time marked by the rhythm of the seasons that revolve around the vine.

The Territory

In the background, there are the gorges and the carved canyons of the Apennines with green pastures and fragrant forests of Mediterranean bush.


In the foreground, the horizon dotted with century-old oaks opens up to the sea and its breezes.


In between, you can see the waves of hills where the vineyards rest kissed by the sun.

The winery

Politi winery makes quality and genuineness of products the key words of their philosophy. Thanks to the meticulous care of the vineyard, the most stringent European standards of low environmental impact are respected, thus ensuring that the vinified grapes fulfill health and quality needs increasingly requested by consumers.


Verdicchio, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot and Shyraz vineyards (about 22 Ha) and olive-groves (about 2 Ha) are conducted with respect for environment and health. Part of our vineyards are now in biological conversion. The strong cultural references, linked to wine and oil typical of the countryside, make producers constantly look for excellence so as not to undermine centuries of traditions.


Strictly handmade harvest is the culmination of a year’s work in the vineyard. Grapes once in the cellar are immediately processed. Soft pressing, cold decanting of the must, fermentation at controlled temperatures are the basis of winemaking. Finally, the aging “on lees” gives aromas and roundness to the final product: our Verdicchio “Loretello”. Repeated fulling, racking and aging in wooden barrels of 25 hl for 6 months make our red “Case di Terra” an elegant wine.